Sunday 2 July 2017

37516 with empty stock from Swanage, Eastleigh, 30th June 2017

 37516 Loch Laidon arriving at Eastleigh, some 20 minutes early, although the signallers later placed the train into Wallers Ash loop until right time,

37516 was new as D6786 from English Electric Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns, Darlington, on 28th December 1962, and allocated to Gateshead. Renumbered to 37086 in February 1974. Heavy General Overhaul at BR Crewe, and renumbered 37516 in April 1987. Sold by EWS in 2009 after some years of storage, returned to traffic by WCRC in May 2009, seeing most usage in Scotland until 2016,

I first saw this locomotive as 37086 on 7th April 1981 on a southbound ECML journey. It was then allocated to March.

5035 is a TSO, built by BR at Wolverton in August 1962 as part of Lot 30690. Transferred to private ownership in February 1992, and also used number 99195 until October 1995. In West Coast ownership by 1998.

99722 while now a TSO was built as SK 25756 later 18756 at BR Derby to Lot 30685 entering service in February 1962. Firstly preserved by TrainTours, after withdrawal in June 1990, as part of the Pilkington Green set. Rebuilt in 1996 using the interior of 4936 (of Lot 30690).

4973 is a TSO completed at Wolverton in February 1962 also in Lot 30690. In West Coast ownership since about 1998, but spent time with Vintage Trains.

9493 is a Mk 2D BSO built at Derby in 1971, as part of Lot 30824. Withdrawn from normal usage by FGW in the 2005 period, to become the brake in the Cotswold Rail Blue Pullman set, until acquisition by West Coast.