Saturday, 22 July 2017

17th - 22nd July 2017

707005 and 707003 continue their mileage accumulation, Redbridge, 17th July. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 17th July:
Tuesday 18th July: 66004 5Z46 Eastleigh - Burton Wetmore one
Wednesday 19th July: 68025 6Z70 01:01 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three, 0Z68 10:19 Eastleigh - Willesden one two; 66125 6Z29 09:35 Fawley - Bescot (18 TTA's firstly for Long Marston, then for eventual scrapping) one two three four five six seven; 37601 0Z37 20:15 Eastleigh - Leicester one two three and multiple further pictures
Thursday 20th July: 57301 + 57303 5Z40 16:18 Eastleigh - Kidderminster one two three four
Friday 21st July:
Saturday 22nd July:

33202 is going to the Isle of Wight! (Sep 29th - Oct 1st). Gala info.

66596 and 66954 have been routed from Crewe via Southampton to Leeds for exams and return to traffic, although currently still in stored pool DHLT. 66597 has been formally returned to the operational DFHH pool.

Eastleigh Works: 20Jun - 23Jun - 26Jun - 27Jun - 29Jun