Saturday 16 July 2016

"Royal Scot" at Romsey, 14th July 2016

Believed to be the first rebuilt "Royal Scot" at Romsey, 46115 Scots Guardsman was originally built in 1927 by the North British Locomotive Co. in Glasgow, and rebuilt in 1947. There were various operational delays, so there was time to admire the other passing trains.

 66551 arrives with 17:38 Fairwater Yard - Billingshurst, continuing to work in the DFHJ restricted usage pool.

DR76324 RM95-RT Ballast Cleaner and DR92264 NB-PW Ballast System Propulsion Machine.

66419 on the rear of the consist.

70802 passes with a short 6V31 20:13 Eastleigh - Westbury.

46115 passes with the return train from Swanage.