Sunday 10 July 2016

Where "Class 47" and Hungary meet - Budapest Keleti, 27th June 2016

So I had found the Class 56 at Budpaest Keleti, and I walked a bit around the corner for a view from a petrol station courtyard, of the shed and turntable used by Floyd, located here, an easy walk from the terminus station.

Zooming in on the shed, there is a shunter 269 066 , and an undetermined Class 86 (Floyd has 8 operating Class 450 locomotives - 86215, 86217, 86218, 86228, 86232, 86242, 86248 & 86250, with 86424 for spares, the latter still believed to be in yellow colours.

Turning to another angle, another Class 86/2 is seen, and what at the time I though was one of the Floyd Class 56's. However examination today finds that this is a Class 47, so must be 47375 of Continental Railway Solution, So this is actually a Bingo! moment. I was wondering where the locomotive may be, but was happy just picking up what I was seeing, and not looking for it.

47375 was prepared for export by Nemesis Rail at Burton, and is seen here leaving for its sea crossing: one two. Pictures by others taken at Budapest: one two three four five (NoHAB M61.010 is preserved).six seven