Friday, 22 July 2016

Sulzer Type 2's at Barrow Hill, 2nd July 2016

1160hp Sulzer D5054 later 24054 was built at BR Derby and introduced into traffic in December 1959. Stored from Crewe Diesel in May 1976 and withdrawn on 17th July 1976 (almost exactly 40 years ago !). Sent to the Western Region in August 1976 as ADB968008 a  carriage heating unit. Arrived at the East Lancashire Railway for preservation in October 1983.

1250hp 27066 was completed by BRCW as D5386 in May 1962, allocated to 14A Cricklewood East. Reallocated to ScR at Eastfield in October 1969. Air brakes were fitted in July 1971, and the locomotive acquired push-pull specific items to become 27103 in January 1973. In March 1975 a Deutz ETH generator was installed, and the locomotive became 27212 - which I remember at Edinburgh from my student days. After the push pull specifics were retired, the locomotive became 27066 in November 1982. Withdrawal came in July 1987, along with most of the remaining class members, followed by preservation at various locations, latterly the Dean Forest Railway, and now Barrow Hill.