Thursday 28 July 2016

An hour at Vác, 26th June 2016

Some miscellaneous pictures at Vác, there has been an invasion of Stadler FLIRT since I last was there. The station has been much modernised in 2012 -15 with improvements made for platform safety, using EU funding.

The refurbished station in typical Hungarian style, from rebuild in 1926. The first railway in Hungary was that from Budapest - Vác, opened on 15th July 1846.

The plinthed 2-6-2T was moved from one side of the station to the other during the changes. 375.1029 appears to be one of the last of its class, to a design originating in 1907, completed in 1959.

The new platforms can compared with the previous provision in this photo.

Stadler FLIRT 415.102.

242 262-4 of PSŽ is a Skoda built electric locomotive, which appears to have been granted permission to run in Hungary in October 2014. PSŽ is a Slovakian company, and the locomotive was sold in 2014 by ČD of Czech Republic.

Bzmot 117.342 with a branch line train.