Saturday, 30 July 2016

25th - 30th July 2016

"Life in the slow lane" DFHJ pool 66419 arrives at Romsey with 6Y19 17:38 Fairwater Yard - Billingshurst on 25th July.

66564 on the rear of the train.

The first GWR green 158/9 is 158956 recently returned to traffic, on 1F10 17:30 Cardiff - Portsmouth.

The setting sun captures the driver and cab of 66849 + 70807 0V31 20:13 Eastleigh - Westbury.

Monday 25th July: 67015 + 67018 (+ Pullman Car 99537 'Audrey') 5Z61 09.04 Stewarts Lane - Eastleigh Works one two; 66093 5Z29 12:08 Bristol - Romsey - Eastleigh one two three four five
Tuesday 26th July:
Wednesday 27th July: 442418 5O43  10:52 Eastleigh - Basingstoke one (warm store working) one, 11:29 Basingstoke - Eastleigh
Thursday 28th July:
Friday 29th July: 66721 5Z22 10:05 Eastleigh - Doncaster (for GBRf charity tour) one two three four five; 67015 + 67018 5Z88 (?) 12:00 Chichester - Eastleigh one two , 5Z89 (?) 17:05 Eastleigh - Chichester
Saturday 30th July:

Flickr: Yahoo services are expected to be purchased by Verizon, completing in 1Q17, including the Flickr service, where the general plan appears to merge with AOL.

Reading: one two thee four five . No one yet knows for sure what the future of Flickr will be. I think that there may be possibility that Verizon could focus upon service for the USA. I recall that BT and Yahoo were allied for consumer service, although their Flickr relationship already changed in 2013.

Advice: I would not suggest Flickr as your only storage provision for photos - many of us remember the sudden demise of Fotopic. Look for other services for storage or ensure your own provision. One suggestion: RAID 1 (dual HDD) NAS: link link link