Friday 22 May 2015

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, 10th May 2015 - Locomotive Profile: D7076

D7076 was completed by Beyer-Peacock, Gorton, Manchester in May 1963, and withdrawn in May 1973. To departmental service as a dead load, then preserved from

I first saw this locomotive, in preservation, when it made a one time trip to Scotland, to the Bo'ness Diesel Gala in September 1998: one two three four. The exit from Bo'ness saw the locomotive haul a train, and more or less roll straight onto the waiting truck for return to Lancashire.

East Lancashire Railway Diesel Group.

Wilkes & Ashmore styling seen to advantage on 1N02 09:46 from Swanage, passing Harman's Cross. Does anyone remember the Hornby "Big Train"?
 Returning with 2N07 10:45 from Norden.
Shunting at Swanage.

Arriving at Swanage with 2N13 13:45 from Norden. its last working of the weekend.