Sunday, 24 May 2015

41001 Prototype HST First Public Running Weekend, Ruddington 24th May 2015

The first public run of the prototype HST power car 41001 with three Mk 3 coaches in formation, 10206 + 11074 + 12092, along with Mk 2A 5376 and locomotive 56097. The train ran through to Loughborough North, adjacent to the Brush Works.

Just after 09:00, 41001 prepares to reverse its stock out from the siding.
41001 at Ruddington.
The prototype HST arrrives at Ruddington platform.
Mk 3B FO 11074 (BR Derby Lot 30982, 1985)
Mk3A Kitchen Buffet First 10206, originally 40507 an HST TRFK vehicle (BR Derby Lot 30884, 1977)
Mk 3A Open Standard 12092 (BR Derby Lot 30877, 1975-77). I think that the Mk3s are running with air suspensions deflated.
Approaching Ruddington on the return journey.
56097 departs at 12:00.
41001 on the rear of the formation.

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Project Miller
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Realtime Preserved Trains

It was a pleasure to briefly meet Tom Cairns, who was at the event to launch Realtime Trains for preserved railways. Realtime Trains has already provided support to Project Miller / 125 Group.