Thursday, 7 May 2015

0Y45 Swanage Convoy, 6th May 2015

0Y45 11:51 Eastleigh (departed 47 minutes late) - Swanage, seen passing Redbridge.
Details for the Swanage Railway Gala including link to timetable.

66741 which should now be named Swanage Railway leads the convoy. Formerly 66581 Sophie of Freightliner.
50035 Ark Royal, new in August 1968.
D6757 (37057), new in October 1962.
45060  Sherwood Forester, new in May 1961. A veteran of the Basingstoke Railshow in 1987, also Swanage Gala and Eastleigh Works events in 2009.
56006, introduced to traffic in February 1977.

A few minutes earlier, Ian Knight saw the convoy at Millbrook.