Sunday 31 May 2015

Great Central Heritage 4: The London Extension: Ruddington - Loughborough - 24th May 2015

Apart from the 'HST' run, here is a selection related to a heritage view of this line. A full set appears on OneDrive.

Ruddington Signalbox, which was a Great Central box at Neasden South Junction. The Ruddington complex was established as a WW2 ammunition facility, and there was no substantial infrastructure until the preservation era.
LMS 8F 8274 (WD 348, TCDD 45160) approaching Rushcliffe Halt.
Hotchley Hill Signalbox, built by the LNER 1946. Diagram.
Approach lit searchlight signal, currently defunct, between Rushcliffe Halt and Hotchley Hill, This bears the Westinghouse name on the back. The LNER place installed a number of these signals on the former Great Central, and there is a working example between Quorn and Rothley.
Remaining platforms at the former East Leake station.
GCR 'Barnum' BTO 695 built at Dukinfield in 1911.
GCR Suburban Third 799, built 1905 at Gorton.