Monday 11 May 2015

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, 10th May 2015 - Locomotive Profile: 25035

D5185 was completed at BR Darlington on 22nd May 1963, allocated to 18A Toton. After a round of allocations on the former Midland Railway lines, it was allocated to Tinsley on the Eastern Region in October 1972, and renumbered to 25035 in Class 25/1 in January 1973. Reallocated to the Scottish Region at Haymarket from February 1975, a few months ahead of the main withdrawals of Class 24. Dual brakes fitted at last classified overhaul in July 1978 at Glasgow Works (ZH),

The locomotive carried a Stone Vapor boiler, which was isolated sometime after 1983.

Noting the ScR allocation, I've checked my notes, and I first saw this locomotive on Thursday 15th February 1979, at Haymarket shed. It remained on the shed, in the dead line, until last noted on Saturday 14th April 1979. Seen here on March 5th.

In November 1980 it returned south to Crewe. It was the last Class 25 on a scheduled train on 14th March 1987, following which it was withdrawn the next day. Delivered to Vic Berry at Leicester on 9th September that year, then preserved at the Northampton and Lamport Railway from July 1988.

More history in preservation.               More info at Derby Sulzers.

  Leaving Norden with 2N17 15:15 departure.
 Earlier, arriving at Swanage with 2N09 12:15 from Norden.
Shunting around at Swanage.
Facing view.Steam heat hose is fitted.
On its first working of the day, arriving at Harman's Cross.