Saturday 23 May 2015

18th - 23rd May 2015

66761 makes its first visit to Eastleigh, 20th May - having worked with 66717. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 18th May:
Tuesday 19th May: D5185 on M27 returning from Swanage (in service this weekend at Loughborough)
Wednesday 20th May:
Thursday 21st May:
Friday 22nd May: 66709 "go around" following a closure of Western Docks: 4Y81 19:14 Southampton - Laverstock - Tonbridge one two three
Saturday 23rd May: 8006 + 8014 1Z45 09:02 Waterloo - Poole one two three four, 1Z80 14:35 Poole - Waterloo one two

59003 is almost ready at Eastleigh.

37198 runaway: Report 04/2015 Runaway and collision, Loughborough Central station