Tuesday 25 April 2023

Strathspey Railway Mixed Traffic Gala, 7th April 2023 part 2: 31327

"D5862 entered service with British Railways in October 1962. It was renumbered into the TOPS series as 31327 in February 1974 and carried the name Phillips Imperial from May 1987 until January 1990. It was withdrawn in December 1995 and subsequently preserved." (source) The last numbered in its class, the loco was sold in September 2001, and arrived at Bo'ness, from Carlisle, in November 2001, where it received repairs to run in 2002

31327 arrives at Boat of Garten with 2H05 10:00 Aviemore - Broomhill.

31327 at Aviemore after arrival with 2H05 10:50 Broomhill - Aviemore.

Running back to Aviemore Shed.

31327 preparing to depart with 2H17 14:00 Aviemore - Broomhill.

Passing Boat of Garten North signal box with 31327 2H18 14:50 Broomhill - Aviemore.

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