Saturday 8 April 2023

3rd - 8th April 2023

5 years ago, 57003 at Eastleigh Works, 7th April 2018. Now sold to Locomotive Services, and was recently banking in Liverpool for GBRF, until displaced by a Class 69.

Nuneham Viaduct Closure:
This viaduct, between Didcot and Oxford, as rebuilt by the GWR in 1906/07, has been closed, with effects upon the Southampton north - south freight flows and Cross Country services. BBC News - WNXXforum - RailUK Forum - drone video - statement from GWR - track level image

"The bridge part at Nuneham was replaced in 1906/7 with the current two-span structure. The viaduct part was kept (but perhaps shortened a little). New piers were built mid-river and on the north side; I have no information on what was done to the southern abutment. It must have had new bearings, perhaps allowing for expansion; on the north pier the girders appear to just sit on blocks of concrete."

Monday 3rd April:
Tuesday 4th April: 47749
 (+ 701026) 5Q10 10:17 Derby - Eastleigh one two
Wednesday 5th  April: 47749 (+ 701030) 5Q64 07:09 Eastleigh - Willesden (then 5Q66 to Long Marston);  47749 0O64 18:42 Honeybourne North Jn - Eastleigh Flickr for two days
Thursday 6th April: 47749 (+ 701048) 5Q64 07:09 Eastleigh - Willesden (then 5Q66 to Long Marston) Flickr for the day; 43257 + 43274 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury (test train, not NMT) (earlier one two three)
Friday 7th April:
Saturday 8th April:

73961 + 73962 were returned south from Scotland on 7th, currently at Doncaster. Only 73961 worked sleeper turns, paired with 73971 to Aberdeen on 30th March and 3rd April. 

73133 has been turned out at Eastleigh Works as "The Bluebell Railway"

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