Saturday 22 April 2023

17th - 22nd April 2023


66792 Collaboration has been the recent regular on the Westbury - Eastleigh workings, 6O41 seen here passing Millbrook on 19th.

701026 was delivered to Eastleigh on 4th April, and was working 5Q51 11:15 Waterloo - Staines Up Loop when also seen at Millbrook on 19th.

Intermodal trains are routing via the WCML and the London area, and seem to be running into ongoing delays. 70006 is arriving with 4O14 0536 Garston - Maritime on  19th.

66792 returning past Romsey with 6V41 on 19th, formed of autoballsters.

68018 Vigilant  + 68001 Evolution form 6Z95 from Winfrith - Crewe on 20th, seen passing Redbridge. Image by Ian Knight.

66179 + 66120 passing Dunbridge with 0O12 11:06 Margam - Eastleigh, 22nd April. 66179 has operated for Euro Cargo Rail, and returned to the UK in December 2021, and to service in October 2022.

Monday 17th April:
Tuesday 18th April: 47749
0Z47 14:26 Kettering - Eastleigh one
Wednesday 19th April: 47749 (+ 701051) 5Q64 07:09 Eastleigh - Willesden one two, for 5Q66 to Long Marston three four five six, 47749 0O64 18:50 Honeybourne - Eastleigh; 47593 + 47828 1Z67 06:14 Crewe - Weymouth one, 1Z68 16:37 Weymouth to Crewe Flickr for the day
Thursday 20th April: 68001 + 68018 6Z62 01:00 Crewe Coal - Winfrith, 6Z95 15:51 Winfrith - Crewe one two three four five Flickr for the day47749 (+ 701034) 5Q64 07:09 Eastleigh - Willesden one, for 5Q66 to Long Marston two three four five; 37611 0H72 11:58 Eastleigh - Wembley one two three four five six seven
Friday 21st April: 37610 3Q36 00:09 Westbury - Redbridge - Southampton - Redbridge -Bristol
Saturday 22nd April: 34046 + 47593 1Z82 08:43 Victoria - Winchester, 5Z82 11@57 Winchester - Eastleigh Works - Baltic Siding, 5Z92 13:09 Baltic Siding - Winchester, 1Z92 13:16 Winchester - Laverstock North - Salisbury, 1Z93 14:44 Salisbury - Winchester, 5Z93 16:08 Winchester - Eastleigh Works, 5Z83 18:11 Eastleigh Works - Winchester, 1Z84 18:41 Winchester - Victoria Flickr for the day

SWR introduced biodiesel into the fuel at Salisbury, and it has led to cancellations and changes of workings: one two
 - Romsey Southampton - Salisbury trains are running two hourly, in pairs 

Belmond has cancelled the UK VSOE trains to connect wiith the OPrient Express, expecting their passengers to start from Paris, because of Brexit related port delays, as the UK is now a third country.

43064, the only HST to have been labelled for South West Trains, was moved from Long Marston on Wednesday to Sims, Newport, for disposal.

Nuneham Viaduct updates: one - two