Saturday 29 April 2023

24th -29th April 2023

66563 7V16 11:55 Fareham - Merehead, passing Crampmoor, 26th April.

There were four Marcroft 1998 JNAs in the formation VTG 3463 (above), 3454, 3437 and 3453. The later orders of '5932' wagons appear to have gone to Barrington workings, so the Mendip box wagon situation appears to be stabilised, mainly after the KEA and JYA replacement.

66566 6V62 13:21 Southampton Up Yard (Fl) -Whatley Quarry F Liner Hh, passing Romsey, 28th April. The 1998 Marcroft JNA was VTG 3457.

The next freight train was 70007 with 4M65 13:45 Southampton M.C.T - Lawley Street F.L.T.

Monday 24th April:
Tuesday 25th April:
Wednesday 26th April: 47749
0O69 06:00 Leicester - Eastleigh 
Thursday 27th April: 47749 (+ 701050) 5Q64 07:10 Eastleigh - Willesden, for 5Q66 to Long Marston Flickr for the day, 47749 0O64 18:50 Honeybourne - Eastleigh 
Friday 28th April: 47749 (+ 701052) 5Q64 07:10 Eastleigh - Willesden, for 5Q66 to Long Marston Flickr for the day
Saturday 29th April:

Salisbury SWR bio-fuels started introduction early in the year, the situation was recovered adequately  to allow resumption of the full service from 28th
 - "Fuel tanks at the depot, which provide 35,000 litres of fuel to the diesel fleet every day, have been deep cleaned and are also using fresh fuel. These steps have restored train performance, allowing services to gradually be restored."

73133 has been moved from Eastleigh to the Bluebell Railway.

Nuneham viaduct: BBC - report

Southern Class 313 Farewell: Flickr for the day