Saturday, 14 June 2014

Around and About, Saturday, 14th June 2014

 Marked as "SouthWest Trains" for the day, 43064 leads "The Swanage Samaritan" 1Z43 06:13 Sheffield - Swanage staff train from East Midlands Trains through Ashurst. 43064 was new from Crewe in October 1977 and is now running with a Paxman 12VP185 engine.
Coach 44054 is also marked for SouthWest Trains.
43089 (Crewe, May 1978), also now running with 12VP185, was on the rear, in normal colours.
A few minutes earlier, Ian Knight saw the train at Redbridge.
56301 at Totton. Originally 56045, completed at Doncaster in June 1978.
56311 on the other end of the Railvac train at Totton. Originally 56057, completed at Doncaster in March 1979.
66414 shunts at Maritime.