Tuesday 26 July 2022

Freight at Chesterfield, 31st May 2022 - 2: Aggregates


66774 with empties 4H10 05:54 Wellingborough Up Tc Gbrf - Tunstead Sdgs Gbrf. 

The rake was made up of Astra Rail built JNA wagons, like this one 81.70.5500.581-0, which is branded for lessor Ermewa, who funded a batch of 100. This flow supports the construction of East-West Rail. Otherwise, the wagons are like those on the Mountfield workings.

70014 leads a rake of 4-wheel PCA wagons as 6G65 09:19 Hope (Earles Sidings) Fhh to Walsall Freight Terminal.

The 4-wheel Presflo PCA wagon is understood to be a threatened species. The Moorswater - Aberthaw flow is no more, and the examples used from Oxwellmains were sent to EMR Alexandra Dock, Liverpool on 17th May. Above are BCC 10754 (BREL Ashford, 1981) and BCC 10875 (Procor 1981-82).

There were only a handful of the Metalair variant, this was BCC 11101 (Powell Duffryn 1984-85) followed by BCC 10829 (BREL Ashford, 1981), similar to those above.

6M01 1051 Tinsley Yard Gbrf - Bardon Hill Gbrf, returning empties in this Aggregate Industries daily flow.

The set was of JGA wagons, this was AI 27116, one of a lot of 22 wagons, with LTF bogies, produced by WH Davis in 2004-05.

66120 leading 6Z70 10:00 Dowlow Briggs Sdgs - Toton North Yard.

The wagons were mixed, but the examples noted were these HOAs, of a type formerly seen on the Somerset quarry traffic. This was 320065, built by IRS, Arad, Romania, in 2006.

66602 provides power for 6D17 11:48 Tunstead Sdgs - Elstow Redland Sdg.

369115 is a HIA wagon built by Greenbrier in 2006. This type of wagon was used on the Wool sand trains.