Thursday 21 July 2022

Freight at Chesterfield, 31st May 2022 - 1: Coal trains

4 hours spent at Chesterfield, at the Tapton footbridge. An adequate amount of freight of different kinds, but no locomotives unfamiliar to the Eastleigh - Southampton area.

Starting here with a decreasingly rare flow of coal, operated by GBRf, running from Immingham to Ratcliffe Power Station, currently slated for closure in September 2024.

66788 LOCOMOTION 15 running south with 6M61 0800 Immingham H.I.T. (Gbrf) - Ratcliffe Ps Gbrf.

The wagons were former EWS / DB Cargo HTA built by Thrall Europa in 2001-02, many of which have already been disposed of with the reduction in coal consumption. The last in the formation was 310162.

66747 Made in Sheffield on a return 4E57 1103 Ratcliffe Ps Gbrf - Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf.

This was formed from IIA wagons, including 83.70.6955.324-1, built by WH Davis in 2012-13. This batch of wagons has also been noted at Peak Forest in aggregates usage.