Saturday 6 March 2021

HST power cars move to Willesden, Eastleigh, 5th March 2021

 60046 William Wilberforce + 43467 Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service / British Transport Police + 43308 + 43296 + 43423 VALENTA 1972-2010 0Z43 09:36 Eastleigh - Willesden, for short-term storage.

The working departed 34 minutes early, and the Campbell Road location was a quickly chosen plan B, having seen the formation move through the works yard. I was pretty much there on my own.

60046 leads away with 43467 following.

43308 (Highland Chieftain when in LNER service).

43296 (formerly Stirling Castle as a painted name in GNER days). This was the lead power car on my last LNER HST ride in 2019.

43423 on the rear.

VALENTA nameplate, seen before departure.

Onwards to the station, and eventually Willesden.