Thursday 18 March 2021

Chi-stone empties, Redbridge, 16th March 2021

66524 with 7V07 12:41 Chichester - Merehead, running early, having not been held in Southampton Down Loop. A pause was required at Redbridge to wait for a passing Voyager.

Creeping into the station at Redbridge.
66524 at rest awaiting the signal.

The first box wagon was 81.70.5500.852-5, a JNA delivered in 2020.

3410 is a JNA, running on former tanker wagon bogies. It was built by Marcroft, at Stoke, in 1998. Of visual note is that this example is twin-piped, which Mendip Rail are understood to be keener to retain. The train was coupled as twin piped at the locomotive end. While still marked with logo for CAIB, this is a VTG wagon, following acquisition in 2002.

3950 is a JNA, built for NACCO by Marcroft in 2000-01. NACCO was acquired by VTG in 2018, and a start has been made to changing the prefix of the wagon numbers from NACO to VTG, as seen here. NACCO SAS, headquartered in Paris, founded in 1972, was a division of CIT Group since 2014.