Monday 15 March 2021

Aggregates Bristol East - Southampton Up Yard, 15th March 2021

This ran on 15th March, running in the path of the Whatley services from and to Westbury. The stock was Freightliner box wagons, this may have been a first visit for these in daylight to the Southampton area, some having been previously brought to pass the Swaythling detector?

Loaded: 6O53 05:57 Bristol East Depot Dbc to Southampton Up Yard (Fl)
Empties: 6V62 13:21 Southampton Up Yard (Fl) to Bristol East Depot Dbc

Location of Bristol East, which is listed as an aggregates handling site by Network Rail.

Led by 66622, the train is seen returning past Crampmoor. The train arrived at Bristol East from Stoke Gifford on Sunday, having arrived there as 6Z82 empties from Lafarge Small Heath on Saturday. Small Heath is another distribution location, typically served from Tunstead, this consist having arrived from there as loaded 6G67. Having returned to Bristol, it is scheduled to work forward as 6M92 02:50 to Banbury.

66622 powers past Crampmoor.

81.70.5891.019-8 is an MWA from the 2016 green batch.

502199 is a MJA from 2005-06 period, and was built as a single wagon as an experiment - running with buffers at each end, rather than as a bar-coupled pair. This experiment led to the big box Network Rail IOA wagons.

81.70.5891.529-6 is an MWA from the 2018 batch, delivered in a G&W grey scheme.

81.70.5891.001-6 is the first of the 2016 batch of  Freightliner MWA wagons.

Consist was: 

81.70.5891.019-8 MWA Greenbrier, Poland, 2016
81.70.5891.033-9 MWA
81.70.5891.058-6 MWA
502199 MJA                   Wagony Swidnica, Poland, 2005-06
81.70.5891.515-5 MWA Greenbrier, Poland, 2018
81.70.5891.511-4 MWA
81.70.5891.531-2 MWA
81.70.5891.529-6 MWA
81.70.5891.571-8 MWA
81.70.5891.052-9 MWA
81.70.5891.517-1 MWA
81.70.5891.513-0 MWA
81.70.5891.003-2 MWA
81.70.5891.505-6 MWA
81.70.5891.017-2 MWA
81.70.5891.042-0 MWA
81.70.5891.001-6 MWA

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