Thursday 23 May 2019

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala Focus, 11th May 2019: 59003 + 73119

A pair of locomotives with past adventures away from the UK mainline, now again both familiar to those who frequent Eastleigh.

59003 YEOMAN HIGHLANDER was built by EMD at La Grange, Illinois, USA in 1985 and introduced into traffic in February 1986. To Germany for Yeoman / DB in 1997, later to Heavy Haul Power International and returned to UK 2014 for GBRf. Currently its working focus is on the Westbury - Eastleigh civil engineering trains.

73119 was built at English Electric as, Newton-le-Willows as E6025, and entered traffic on 27th March 1966. Renumbered to 73119 in 1973. Following fire damage in December 1998, 73119 was stored at Old Oak Common, later sold privately in 2003, imtially at Barrow Hill, then sold to the Keith and Dufftown Railway in September 2004, moving into preservation, at Dufftown. Returned south, but sat in a haulier's yard for a year being being moved in January 2009 to be yard shunter at Eastleigh Works for Knight's Rail Services, then acquired by GBRf in September 2011.

The pair generally kept together, since 59003 is an air brake locomotive, and 73119 was present as its vacuum brake translator.

59003 + 73119 arrive at Swanage.

73119 & 59003 are in a shunt at Corfe Castle.

73119 out on its own, departing Harman's Cross for Swanage.

59003 + 73119 arrive at Harman's Cross from Swanage.

In a Big Country: 59003 + 73119 wait at Corfe Castle for a later in day return move to Swanage.

Now go watch the video:

Big Country - In A Big Country (1983)