Saturday 4 May 2019

29th April - 4th May 2019

442408 + 442411 5Q33 10:09 Bournemouth - Fareham - Bournemouth, stopping at Redbridge, 30th April. Image by Ian Knight.

59003 passes Redbridge with 6O41, 30th April. Image by Ian Knight.

LU 3022 has now arrived at Eastleigh Works, 29th April (see notes from last week).

Coach 811111 of unit 800111, at Eastleigh, 4th May, having arrived that morning. There is an STP path for an IEP to work to Acton on Monday Bank Holiday morning.

Monday 29th April: 802201 + 802202 5X82 08:24 Eastleigh - Acton one two three four five six seven; 66119 + 67005 T+T 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh one two three four; 66755 + 4TC 5Y68 09:38 Tonbridge - Eastleigh one two three four five
Tuesday 30th April: 800105 5X82 08:24 Eastleigh - Acton one two; 66186 5Z54 11:06 Tyseley - Eastleigh one two
Wednesday 1st May: 73002 in the East Yard one two
Thursday 2nd May: 66779 + 73002 6Q89 Eastleigh East Yard - Works one two three four
Friday 3rd May: 
Saturday 4th May: 67005 5Zxx 03:00 Eastleigh - Leicester (later seen at Crewe); 66719 + 66753 T+T 5Z69 04:45 Eastleigh - Victoria (for tour one two three), 5Zxx 22:46 Victoria - Arlington; 800111 + 801110 5X41 03:31 Acton - Eastleigh[73002 is close to the Fareham line, not visible from Campbell Road, can be seen from the Mitchell Road car park]

As anticipated, 66415 is in the paintshop at Eastleigh, and was noted rubbed down on 1st May. 66419 is at Maritime for this weekend, having arrived on Saturday morning.

60001 and 60019 have arrived at Westbury and are flagged as 'Training' - before they moved from Newport

In the USA, Union Pacific have steamed 'Big Boy' 4104 and taken it for test runs one two three four