Saturday 4 May 2019

Class 73 locomotives at Eastleigh, 1st May 2019

The unexpected arrival of the week was 73002, which was moved by truck on 30th April from the Dean Forest Railway, and delivered to the East Yard by 1st May as seen here. On 2nd, 66779 moved 73002 to the works, where it is expected to receive a cosmetic restoration for Locomotive Services Ltd., who may display it at their Margate facility. 66719 shunts the yard, and 08460 and 08511 are parked to the right.

JA 73002 was completed as E6002 at Eastleigh Carriage Works (now the bus garages and industrial area to the east of the station) in March 1962. Latterly used on Merseyrail, based at Birkenhead, it was withdrawn briefly in 1993, then again in November 1995, it was later preserved at the Dean Forest Railway, acting as spares for 73001. Locomotive Services are also understood to have acquired 73001, which has been moved to Crewe, reportedly for return to the main line one two.

JB 73213 Rhodalyn was new from English Electric Vulcan Foundry in February 1966 as E6018. It has been on the works for much of the past month.

Works shunter 73133 was similarly new from Vulcan Foundry, but in August 1966 as E6040.