Monday 27 May 2019

800101 IEP move, Eastleigh, 27th May 2019

800101 5X82 08:24 Eastleigh - North Pole IEP Depot

This train has been in the UK for over 4 years, and was previously running in a Virgin Trains version of the Azuma scheme. It arrived in Eastleigh on 17th May, dragging 801102.

Crawling out of the T&RSMD sidings.

The last window is covered with an adhesive poly bag.

817101 is a MC (Motor Composite) coach.

816101 is a TS coach. "The bogies have a bolsterless configuration and are designed for stability and cornering performance as well as to minimize track damage and maintenance costs, with the structures of the motor and trailer bogies both made as light as possible. The weight of the trailer bogies used for intermediate cars on nine car trains, in particular, was reduced significantly by using the inner frame structure" - Hitachi Review Vol. 63 (2014), No. 10.

Heading out towards platform 3 at the station, and the SWML.