Monday 17 December 2018

In and Around Eastleigh, 16th December 2018

55028 awaits completion and return to the Swanage Railway. There had been rain through Saturday, and some of this was frozen early on Sunday, along with high condensation.

62938 has been the MBC in 5-WES 442402. For the past 30 years this was equipped with four EE546 traction motors, taken from the 4-REP units of 1966-74 build. This coach is believed to be subject to a so far incomplete modernisation to ac traction from Kiepe, such that when 442402 was dragged to Bournemouth on 25th October, this coach was left behind, as was another from 442419. The resistor grids appear to have been removed - compare with this record shot of 62951. It is currently shunted to almost the end of a long storage siding - suggesting that work on it must be paused.

"They are stored out in the works yard, and not in a fit state to be moved to Bournemouth with the other vehicles as they are heavily stripped below the solebar due to being part way through AC conversion, and one of the two is on accommodation bogies"    from WNXX Forum.

At the T&RSMD, 442405 appears not to have moved since I last photographed in May 2017.

08511 (BR Darlington, May 1958) at the T&RSMD, delivered one week previously.

70809 and 70810 parked alongside empty LWR wagons. The locomotives had been working on engineering works trains 6C02 and 6C01 respectively, for work at Swanwick.

59003 YEOMAN HIGHLANDER and 66712 Peterborough Power Signalbox, adjacent to the station.

The two GBRf EMD locos viewed from within the station.