Saturday 1 December 2018

Eastleigh Works and Depot, 1st December 2018

Observed from the Campbell Road Bridge, this is believed to be either of 800301 or 800312. Note the plastic protection over a cctv camera location, just above the GWR logo.

08810 was seen shunting. Owned by Arriva Traincare, this locomotive was delivered from BR Derby as D3798 on 9th July 1960 to 86A Ebbw Junction. Withdrawn 31st January 2004, to LNWR, and delivered to Eastleigh in December 2014. Now named RICHARD J. WENHAM   EASTLEIGH DEPOT   DECEMBER 1989 - JULY 1999, this name previously being borne by 08804 and 08442.

Mk 2D TSO 5632 in the scrapping area. Built at BR Derby as part of Lot Lot 30822, entering traffic in February 1971. Last usage was by DBC on the Fife Circle until 2015, then one of the last three Mk 2D TSO coaches in regular use. (9488 now has that title, being in the current Fife Circle sets, under DRS ownership).

The coach hidden to the right is 9494, a Mk2D BSO, BR Derby Lot 30824 of 1971, latterly in DB Cargo charter stock pool PPPS, and similarly for scrap.

9522 was not visible, but understood to have been intact on Friday 30th.

73133 resting between shunting activities.

66194 coming off the shed.