Monday 31 December 2018

An evening interlude at Aberdour, 21st December 2018

68007 Valiant arrives with 2K14 18:17 Glenrothes with Thornton - Edinburgh. The Fife Circle loco hauled is currently in the timetable until 12th May 2019. The Mk 2 slam door stock must be taken out of service by year end 2019. 68006 was on the following 5L70 empty stock working.

5955 is a Mk 2F TSO completed at Derby as the last in Lot 30846 in 1973. Prepared for ScotRail duties at Eastleigh Works between 16th March and 1st May 2015.

9488 is Mk 2D BSO completed to Lot 30824 in June 1971. This was withdrawn from First Great Western Service in 2012, then was stored at Heaton for Grand Central, then at Barrow Hill, from where it was moved to Eastleigh for overhaul.The last Mk2D BSO in normal passenger service, in the ownership of DRS. UPDATE: In discussion it has been noted that this coach also now has an accessible toilet, with window changes at the far end as seen - this may have been fitted in its FGW period, certainly before 2007.

43206 leads LNER operated 1S20 14:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen. Originally 43006 delivered from BREL Crewe in August 1976, the fifth of the production level of HST power car, in Western Region formation 253003.

43208 Lincolnshire Echo was on the rear. Originally 43008 completed in October 1976, into 253004. Further slam door stock.