Sunday 17 January 2016

"Diverts" at Romsey, 16th January 2016

A selection of diverted trains, including three of the current six Powerhaul liveried Class 66s in UK traffic.

12:34 - Not strictly a divert, 66561 is 0Y20 (?) 10:33 Stoke Gifford - Eastleigh, via Chandler's Ford.
12:49 - For the second week running 66420 is heading 4O27 05:21 Garston-Maritime.
Detail of the new logo on the recently repainted 66420.
13:28 - 66952 6O26 10:50 Hinksey-Eastleigh.
The  last vehicle in 6O26 was YWA 'Salmon' 50t bogie rail flat DB996220, with builders plate "Head Wrightson 1954 Lot No. 2534. On Head Wrightson: one two three & Lot 2534 four five.
13:45 - 66418 4O54 05:27 Leeds-Maritime.
The Leeds route is not yet W10 gauge permitted, so 4O54 uses KTA pocket wagons and FLA low platform flats. KTA GERS (General Electric Capital Rail Services) 97706 is an example of one of these, built by Arbel Fauvet in 1988.
Fading light at 14:44 - 66504 66504 4O29 0815 BasfordHall-Maritime.