Sunday, 31 January 2016

Diesels at Loughborough, 29th January 2016

A combination of BRCW Sulzers which was likely never seen in BR days. Class 33/1 D6535 (33116, new in December 1960 to 73C Hither Green, withdrawn in July 2001) and D5401 (27112, 27056, new in July 1962 to 14A Cricklewood, withdrawn February 1987)
A further view of D6535.
45041 Royak Tank Regiment  (D53, new in June 1962 to 17A Derby, withdrawn June 1988)
D123 Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry (45125, new in October 1961 to 17A, withdrawn May 1987).In BR days the name was attached to 46026 (D163), and was formally unveiled on D123 on 22nd June 2000 at Loughborough.
A further view of D5401.
"10119" Margaret Ethel - Thomas Alfred Naylor (D4067, new May 1961 to 41A Sheffield Darnall, withdrawn in December 1970 and sold to the NCB - Class 10 were fitted with Lister-Blackstone ER6T engines, deemed non-standard and leading to early withdrawals). The names are those of the owner's parents.
D5185 (25035, new in May 1963 to 18A Toton, withdrawn in March 1987).