Saturday, 16 January 2016

BG at Bo'ness, 2nd January

94544 was delivered to Bo'ness on 17th April 2014, for recovery of parts and bogies, to support the running of the SRPS Railtours train. Originally delivered as M81083 in August 1957 from Metro-Cammell to Lot 30228 riding on BR2 bogies. In July 1983 became M84083 and then in December 1985 M92345 when fitted at Derby with Commonwealth Bogies for 100 mph operation, dual brake and ETH cable rated 1X (600 Amps). It ran this way until September 1996. Following conversion to 'Super BG' it ran from November 2001 as 94544 until February 2004 and was formally withdrawn in Janaury 2005. My notes show that I did see this in the 1979 - 1985 period.