Monday, 17 February 2014

Thirty Years Ago, 18th February 1984

Saturday, 18th February 1984. Elsewhere in the country, then very much in the analogue world, I did find this rather good video of 40024 on the Dore-Mat railtour, which is logged here, and there are some further pictures one two. England played Ireland at Twickenham, score 12-9.

4-REP 3009 with a 91 service, a Weymouth - Waterloo fast train. The second car appears to be the TBFK, so the lead car will be DMS 62157, which entered traffic new in July 1967. The unit was renumbered to 2009 in June 1986, and withdrawn in June 1987, after which 62157 was scrapped at V Berry, Leicester in June 1990, having given up its motors to a Class 442. The TBFK 70809 was built as CK S15893 in 1956 (Metro-Cammell, to lot 30222) and converted in 1967. After 2009 was disbanded it ran in 4-TC 2805 for a short period only in June 1987, then was scrapped at Berry's in March 1990.
33042 approaches Southampton Central with a Freightliner train, likely heading for Millbrook. At this time only the down road was available in Southampton Tunnel while Edmund Nuttall were engaged in an extensive programme of repairs. 33042 was new as D6560 in July 1961, and stayed in traffic until October 1996, being broken up in January 1997 by MRJ Phillips at Stewarts Lane.
33108 with what appears to be Eastern Region Mark 2A stock, so possibly a Poole to Newcastle, which would normally have been in the hands of a Class 47. Alternatively, it may have been a divert to Waterloo from Exeter. 33108 was new as D6521 in September 1960, and was withdrawn in May 1993, after which it worked for Fragonset until December 2003, and is currently preserved at Barrow Hill (where I saw it only a week ago).
47503 enters Southampton with a cross-country service to Poole. The locomotive was then only 17 years old, being new in July 1966 as D1946. In June 1994 this became 47771, later withdrawn in April 2003, and moving into preservation at the Colne Valley  in June that year.
Having returned to Romsey, 50026 Indomitable passes with a divert from Exeter and Salisbury to Waterloo. New in June 1968, the locomotive had been refurbished re-entering traffic on 6th December 1982, and was later withdrawn in December 1990. It spent a period in 1992-93 in Booth's scrapyard at Rotherham from where it was rescued. Since 2012 it has seen some use on the diesel gala circuit, and currently it is receiving attention inside Eastleigh Works.

My spotting notes plus later history. A lot of now preserved stock was seen in one day.