Thursday, 13 February 2014

"East Coast Giants", Barrow Hill, 8th February 2014

A larger gallery is available at SkyDrive. Right click and 'open link in new tab' for larger versions of the pictures below.

GNR Class C1 No. 251, completed at Doncaster in December 1902.
Front of 60008 Dwight D Eisenhower, soon to return to Green Bay, WI.
4464 Bittern, 60532 Blue Peter, and 4489 Dominion of Canada
4464 Bittern on a demonstration line shuttle. It has a new LNER style plaque, unveiled in the days preceding the event.
4464 on another shuttle pass.
60163  Tornado is receiving winter maintenance, where the cab has been removed for access to the firebox area.