Sunday, 9 February 2014

Doncaster, 7th February 2014

After Barnetby, it was onwards to Doncaster. However services were in some disarray following an overhead line incident in the Huntingdon area, reportedly caused by a foil balloon. As a consequence, limited services to and from Kings Cross were running with HSTs.

43314 (Crewe, March 1979) arriving with 1E11 07:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross.
GBRf 66728 13:03 Eggborough - Doncaster Down Decoy (STP working)
43468 (Crewe, November 1977) disappears away on rear of 1N93 12:53 Kings Cross - Sunderland
67026 Diamond Jubilee was started, and departed southwards as a Thunderbird.
180107 Hart of the North is moved into a platform, following the termination of a 5A63 13:50 Peterborough - York.

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