Sunday, 9 February 2014

Barnetby, 7th February 2014 - 66s of many colours

Four morning hours at Barnetby. The Santon ore trains were not running, although they resumed on an afternoon shift, after I had moved on. No Class 60s were seen, the oil trains to and from Kingsbury were in the hands of 66063.

'EWS' 66005 leads 06:52 Worksop - Immingham coal empties (STP working).
66118 in DB Schenker red at the front of 10:14 Immingham - Drax (STP working).
Freightliner 66547 with 4R12 07:12 Drax - Immingham.
GBRf 66720 in its unique rainbow colours, 09:50 Doncaster Down Decoy - Immingham (STP).
GBRf 66748 approaches Barnetby with 09:00 West Burton - Immingham.
66748 was imported about a year ago following delivery to Crossrail in the Netherlands, and bears number 92 80 1266 283-1 for Germany (also formerly DE6313)
GBRf 66711 passes Barnetby East with 6C09 08:45 Immingham - Eggborough, running over two hours late.
Work continues to eliminate the semaphore signalling, so please admire the signals at Wrawby Junction while they are still in operation. Lines lead to Lincoln, on the left; Brigg & Gainsborough, up the gradient in the middle, and to Scunthorpe on the right. Wrawby Junction signalbox is a listed building, although Barnetby East is not.

Photos from inside the box: one two three four five

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