Sunday, 9 February 2014

Diesels and Electrics at Barrow Hill, 8th February 2014

There is a larger set of diesel and electric pictures on Skydrive.

37261 is stored XHSS, and worked its own way to Barrow Hill on 20th January. It is understood that the locomotive is due for works repair, and will be stripped instead.
37422 was alongside, and is understood to be sitting on scrap bogies. This locomotive was in Glasgow Works for overhaul activities, and was transferred by road to Barrow Hill arriving on 8th January for attention from HNRC. The bogies appear to have been changed in the past month.
HNRC 37503, with 37521 beyond.
West Coast's 37669 was delivered to HNRC on 14th November, by rail transfer from Carnforth. Once completed, this is a new restoration to traffic for West Coast, following acquisition from DBS in March 2011.
47812 (D1916), once Pride of Eastleigh,  is currently being repaired by HNRC for GBRf, having arrived with 47843. This loco was at Eastleigh until mid-November, and did have at leastone run on the 'Torbay Express' in 2013. Similarly hired 47843 was noted at Doncaster Decoy earlier in the morning, having re-entered traffic.
Europhenix 86701 Orion is in storage, along with 86702 and 86213 of ETL.