Saturday 9 March 2024

4th - 9th March 2024


Blue-grey 5868 leads 5Y51 through Redbridge, 6th March. Image by Ian Knight.

66709 Sorrento 6V41 14:50 Eastleigh - Westbury, passing Romsey, 7th March.

66414 crawls towards the signal at Romsey, with 4O57 13:29 Wentloog - Maritime, 7th March.

59205 returning past Crampmoor on 8th March, with 6V62 13:21 Up Yard - Westbury Tarmac.

Monday 4th March: 73202 + 73212 (+ 450056 + 450092) 5Z50 02:51 Woking - Northam drag of 450s following a Walton-on-Thames derailment.
Tuesday 5th March: 
Wednesday 6th March:
 (45)5868 + (45)5909 5Y51 14:32 Bournemouth - Wimbledon Park one two Flickr for the day
Thursday 7th March: 43013 + 43062 1X23 15:28 Salisbury - Redbridge - Salisbury
Friday 8th March:
Saturday 9th March:

455868's staff special on 4th was cancelled after a derailment in the Walton-on-Thames area. The unit ran up to Wimbledon on Wednesday.

43423 and 43467, recently removed from Eastleigh Works, have been on test following reactivation.

59003 out and about in its Colas operated activities.

China 2021 built London Underground wagon BW007 was in Eastleigh Works a couple of years ago. The latest Railways Illustrated records that it, and four other wagons, were scrapped at Booth's in January, as bogie associated ride issues were insurmountable. Further background: one two