Sunday 19 February 2023

A Miscellany at Eastleigh, 15th February 2023


60 years old 37602 of Harry Needle Railroad Co. has been moved in the yard at Eastleigh Works, this may be in preparation for an anticipated move to the East Yard for road transfer.

81.70.5932.459-7  and, to the right, 81.70.5932.460-5 are the last of  the Wascosa / Network Rail MLA order. These arrived from Dollands Moor on 30th January.

SITT wagon 99.70.9594.004-2 .

73963 Janice passing as 0Z82 12:54 Up Yard - Eastleigh.

501096 is a MRA(B). Many of these side tipper wagons are going to Loram for conversion to JNA-Y

Volker Rail Kirow 125t crane DRK 81613 had arrived from Hoo.

A pair of dinosaurs. VTG 3453 was  the JNA wagon making up the consist of 6V62 on the 15th, seen under the Southern Railway Exmouth Junction Concrete Works pattern footbridge between Archers Road and Beaulieu Road and The Quadrangle, which was designed in 1924, and repaired in 1998 and 2012. There is a model of this classic design. A replacement was priced at over £1m in 2003.

VTG 3453 is rather younger, rebuilt by Marcroft in 1998 from 1971 built TEA tanker 82644.