Wednesday 22 February 2023

10 minutes at Romsey, 22nd February 2023


12:29: 66848 leading 6O41 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh, running 1 hour late. This is normally worked by a GBRf loco, but 66848 continued with the return to Westbury - elsewhere reported as hired in..

At the same time, DRS 66423 worked into the station 0Z30 12:00 Eastleigh - Westbury. 

66423 had worked to Whitemoor GBRf on 21st, then to Hoo, 0Y44 to Eastleigh 22nd, followed by this working and then 0B30 to Cardiff Tidal. Also reported as hired to GBRf.

12:35 73962 Dick Mabbutt leads the six monthly test train for the Fawley and Ludgershall branches, 1Q99 11:08 Woking - Woking, previously 1Q22.

73963 Janice on the rear. The test formation was the same as last week.

12:37 66605 was working 6V16 11:55 Fareham -Whatley. The loco was repainted in June 2022, after a collision repair.