Tuesday 18 October 2022

Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, 12th September 2022


River Mite being prepared outside the locomotive shed.

River Esk between Murthwaite and Irton Road.

River Esk approaching Spout House Farm, between Eskdale Green and Beckfoot.

River Esk, turned and watered at Dalegarth. The stalwart locomotive is now 99 years old.

The former mineral extension to Gill Force at Boot, the first part of which is now the way into the terminus at Dalegarth.

This leads to a bridge over the River Esk, at Gill Force. The haematite workings only lasted from 1880-84.

Stanley Force is a 60 feet waterfall, about half a mile from Dalegarth.

River Esk has once again arrived at Dalegarth.

River Mite waiting to cross with River Esk at Fisherground.

Heywood Katie in the museum, alongside Synolda and Little Giant.