Wednesday 5 January 2022

SRPS Diesel Running Day, Bo'ness, 29th December 2021

Full set of pictures.

37403 Isle of Mull has a zero hours engine, as the previous unit was returned to DRS. This was the locomotive's first passenger run on a heritage railway, following a loaded test run on 28th.

The guest locomotive was 66773 Pride of GB Railfreight, making its first passenger journeys.

47643 provided the Bo'ness end power and ETS through until early afternoon, when it handed over to 37403.

After a delay for a small oil leak on 37403, where 66773 made a further cycle to Manuel, 37403 + 37067 / 37703 came out to play. Unless it had a later turn, this was the last run of 37703 on the B&KR prior to return to DRS, who are understood to have sold it to Harry Needle Railroad Co. 

27001 then came out for its turn.

20302 and 20305 are in storage for DRS, present since July 2020. and had been positioned for display. 20302 had seen some usage for shunting. Both previously noted at Barrow Hill in 2016, with some loco details. This pair hauled the farewell tour for DRS in January 2020. They are now understood to  have been sold to Locomotive Services.