Sunday 16 January 2022

Aberdour to Burntisland, 27th December 2021

A walk from station to station, and back again. The coastal path was present before the railway, but was rebuilt and deviated when the railway was built for Forth Bridge opening in 1890.

800102 passing Aberdour with 1E11 07:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross.

800104 passing Burntisland with a late running 1W02 07:08 Leeds - Aberdeen

43012 (+ 43148) 1A71 11:32 Edinburgh - Aberdeen.

About a minute later, 800113 passing with 1E15 09:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross.

43137 (+ 43136) passed while west of Starleyburn, the driver had time to see me and tooted. This train appears to have been an ECS from Aberdeen to Haymarket platform 0, ghosted from RTT, previously 1A45 07:27 Edinburgh to Aberdeen, then 1A78 15:35 to Aberdeen. A number of ECS trains were operating to balance ScotRail trains while affected by significant staff unavailability from Coronavirus. Also many trains operating with Class 158 units rather than longer length 170s and HSTs.

43177 (+ 43139) passing Aberdour with 1B28 12:07 Aberdeen - Edinburgh.