Wednesday 1 September 2021

Westbury, 29th January 1983 (part 2)

 Continuing the day trip to Westbury.

Class 117 unit B435, 51373 + 59486 + 51415 approaches from Frome / Castlecary direction. 59486 is now part of the recently overhauled dmu set for the Swanage Railway.

33045 arrives with an '89' Cardiff - Portsmouth, at the then platform 1, subsequently taken out of use and fenced. All of the buildings at right have been removed at various times, and the area is now in use for extensions of car parking. 33045 was new as D6563 on 22nd July 1961, later withdrawn in October 1987, eventually broken up at Vic Berry, Leicester in October 1990.

The civil engineering wagons at right, including DB 996705, which appear to be 50 ton bogie rail flats, some examples were later rebogied and equipped with air brakes to be the current day Osprey and Salmon wagons, although these now seem set for replacement.

33043 arriving with a Portsmouth - Cardiff train, where the first coach appears to be a Mk 2 / 2A BFK, some of the latter were changed from air to vacuum brakes. 33043 was new as D6561 on 8th July 1961, and was withdrawn in September 1987, later cut-up at MC Metals in Glasgow in May 1991.

The Amey Roadstone wagons were associated with Whatley traffic in this era before Mendip Rail, and are of various PGA types, for which further info: one two three four.

37135 + 37203 pass with a loaded Yeoman train from Merehead, possibly to Brentford, as captured by others two days earlier one two three. The wagons are Yeoman PGAs, built by Charles Roberts and Standard Wagon. New signals erected, but out of use at that time.

37135 was built as D6835 at English Electric Vulcan Foundry, and entered traffic on 10th April 1963 at 88A Cardiff Canton. Renumbered to 37135 in May 1974. HGR and renumbered 37888 in December 1987. Withdrawn in March 2000, then sent to France in May 2000, returning in October 2000. Sent to Spain in July 2001, and eventually scrapped there in July 2007.

37203 was built as D6903 at English Electric Vulcan Foundry, and entered traffic on 29th October 1963 at 86A (revised code) Cardiff Canton. Renumbered to 37203 in May 1974. Withdrawn in January 2005, moved to Ron Hull Jr, Rotherham on 21st December 2009, and cut up by 4th May 2010.

253034 arrives with a westbound train from Paddington, believed to be led by power car 43137, which was new in September 1979. This set was displayed in Liverpool & Manchester 150 parade at Rainhill in 1980. Both assigned power cars now work for ScotRail.

33030 arrives with a further Portsmouth - Cardiff working, where the leading coach appears to be an SK. 33030 was new as D6548 on 1st April 1961, and was renumbered in January 1974. This ran long enough to be repainted into EWS colours.  Later sold to DRS, and then to West Coast Railway Company, where it is a spares source, located at Carnforth.

33054 + 33051 with a loaded ARC stone train. They had been working as a pair for some days.

33054 was new as D6572 on 14th October 1961, renumbered to 33054 in February 1974. It was involved in a buffering up collision at Chandlers Ford on 4th December 1985, following a failure of a 56048, and subsequently withdrawn in February 1986 (one two three four), being broken up at Eastleigh Works in August 1987.

33051 was new as D6569 on 16th September 1961, renumbered to 33051 in December 1973. After a railtour career, it was stopped with multiple faults, and withdrawn in August 1998, later cut up by Raxstar at Eastleigh in October 2003.

Archive Westbury - Salisbury.

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