Saturday 28 August 2021

Class 40 at Aberdour, July 1976

From school holidays in Scotland 45 years ago. It was not as dry and hot as in England that year.

40085 passing the Hawkcraig Road bridge, Aberdour, sometime in July 1976, with what is likely an Edinburgh - Aberdeen train.

My notes on the back of the photo say '40086', but I also saw 40085 in that period, and there are crucial items which lean towards the latter - large BR arrows at each end, and no vertical rail as carried by 40086

40085 was completed as D285 at English Electric Vulcan Foundry, and entered traffic on 18th July 1960, allocated to 50A York North. Dual braked in June 1970, renumbered in February 1974. At the time of the picture, allocated to GD Gateshead, from where it was withdrawn om 30th March 1984. Withdrawn at and then scrapped at Doncaster by 6th January 1985.