Saturday 18 September 2021

13th - 18th September 2021


66594 NYK Spirit of Kyoto passing Romsey with 0O84 10:30 Westbury - Eastleigh, 13th September.

Monday 13th September: 66725 5Z54 04:35 Dorridge - Eastleigh
Tuesday 14th September: 
Wednesday 15th September:
67005 5Z81 00:12 Eastleigh - Reading - Newport, 70006 failed Maritime - Trafford Park between Winchester and Wallers Ash, limping to the latter, and 66508 sent as 0Z99 to assist - 70006 later parked at Basford Hall
Thursday 16th September: 67005 5Z85(?) 00:04 Newport - Reading - Eastleigh
Friday 17th September: 66798 5Z67 22:28 Eastleigh - Birmingham
Saturday 18th September: 20007 + 20205 moved two Hanson+Hall HST power cars to Eastleigh East Yard

66796 repainting at Eastleigh - departed as 0Z96 20:32 Eastleigh East Yard to Willesden Eurotermnal Gbrf on 13th,then named on 14th.

New FFA-G wagons (115 pairs with two numbers) Sggrrss are arriving at Wembley from Poland, for Freightliner, numbered 81.70.4846.000-7 to -229-2. Pictures from Germany.

Southampton Metro could link city to towns such as Eastleigh and Fareham every 30 minutes - Hampshire NewsDaily Echo

Staycation Express workings (see Kirkby Stephen, 18th August) last ran on 9th September, running as a 4 car rake for the final week.