Friday, 21 October 2016

West Coast Railway Company, Carnforth, 16th October 2016

All pictures taken from public locations.

Ex-DRS 33030 in deep storage. New as D6548 in April 1961, and a late survivor with EWS. Acquired from DRS in September 2005.

47237 (new as D1914 in November 1965).

57001 (47356, new as D1875 in July 1965) currently out of use, two unidentified Class 37s, one Class 47, 47854 (new as D1972 in November 1965, later 47271, 47604 & 47674), and 37669 (new as D6829 in March 1963, later 37129).

47787 Windsor Castle (new as D1757 in September 1964, later 47163, 47610, and 47823). Out of traffic for some years with engine problems.

37712 which suffered a fire in 2008 after only a few months of usage.

4973 a Mk 1 TSO completed at Wolverton in 1962 to Lot 30690

6179 was converted at Eastleigh with these hopper windows, believed while in use as office accommodation. Now seen in storage.

45699 Galatea was in steam, being used for crew training turns each day in the week.