Tuesday 13 July 2021

Debut of the Staycation Express, Eastleigh, 12th July 2021

The repainted 'Staycation Express' formation left Eastleigh Works on Monday afternoon, heading for Crewe, running as 5Z64 13:37 Eastleigh Arlington to Crewe HS, which departed to time. Rail Charter Services released some pictures taken just beforehand. There will be a preview on the Settle & Carlisle on Thursday, then the summer service will start on Monday 19th.

43058 leads the 5 coach formation out of the Works.

Detail of 43058, which was delivered from BREL Crewe in July 1977, and originally ran in East Coast set 254002, along with 43059, which is once again its pair. I saw the set when new, with these same power cars, at the Edinburgh Rail Festival on 24th September 1977.

TGS (now TGF?) 44081 was built at BREL Derby to Lot 30949, about 1982. Originally configured into Cross-Country set 253048. Latterly in GWR set LA63.

TF 41166 was built to Lot 30947 in 1980. Originally in Cross-Country set 253050, but this was disbanded quite early, and the coach then ran in 253052. Latterly in GWR set LA64.

TF 41160 was also built in Lot 30947, and ran in Cross-Country 253044. Latterly in GWR set LA61.

TFKB 40804 was originally delivered as TBS 40032 to Lot 30899 at Derby in 1977, and ran in ECML set 254015. Later TRSB 40432 from 1984-8 running in Cross-Country set 253053 and also TRB 40232 in the early 1990s. Finally 40804 from 2003-04, latterly running in GWR set OC31.

TF 41187 was built as TS 42311 to Lot 30969 in 1982, for Cross-Country set 253053. Converted to TF in 2003. Latterly ran in GWR set OC45. 

43059, which was delivered from BREL Crewe in August 1977.

The set proceeded to Crewe, where arrival was a few minutes early.