Saturday 24 July 2021

19th - 24th July 2021


59201 pasing Romsey with 7O40 13:35 Merehead - Eastleigh, 23rd July.

66525 with a late running 4O57 13:14 Wentloog - Maritime, formed with the 'KTA Liner' rake, Romsey, 23rd July.

66540 departing past Redbridge with 4V34 11:15 Maritime - Avonmouth West Wharf, 24th July.

67006 Royal Sovereign leads 'The Dorset Maiden' tour, passing Redbridge, 24th July. The 'KTA Liner' rake is parked in the yard at right.

Monday 19th July:
Tuesday 20th July:

Wednesday 21st July: 769930 5Q10 06:47 Reading - Southampton - Reading one two three, 5Q11 11:25 Reading - Southampton - Reading four five six seven - these runs were at Network Rail direction, for dc power testing; 484003 + 484002 Eastleigh - Fareham and return cycles one two
Thursday 22nd July: 
Friday 23rd July:
768001 5Qxx 09:52 Eastleigh - Basingstoke, 5Q86 10:42 Basingstoke - Eastleigh, 5Qxx 12:52 Eastleigh - Winchester - Basingstoke, failed and into Baltic Siding one two three four five; 484005 tbc + 484002 Eastleigh - Fareham and return cycles one two
Saturday 24th July: 67006 + 67005 1Z92 07:09 Peterborough - Weymouth one two three four, 1Z93 15:35 Weymouth - Peterborough one two three - first UK Railtours run since pandemic started    

The three remaining Class 442 units at Bournemouth are expected to be removed Mon 26th - Wed 28th, ECS coming down from Wolverton on Monday afternoon, and then departing Bournemouth at 22:00 each evening, with ovcrnight pauses in Eastleigh East Yard. Rinse and repeat. 

66769 went into Eastleigh Works about 13th July, and there is gossip about a special livery.

Network Rail and Highways England publish first phase of the Solent to the Midlands multimodal freight strategy - full document.